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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it FREE to have my website up and online 24/7?

It would be great if it was, but no it is not free. Your website files have to be stored on a server computer that is connected to the internet 24/7 in a temperature controlled room with firewall securities. SimpleNation charges $20/mo.

What does Website Hosting mean?

- Having your website files stored on a server computer.

What is a "domain name" and are they FREE to obtain?

- www.TheNameOfYourWesite.com .net or .org. First you must check to see if the name has already been taken. If not, you have to purchase it from a domain company, like simplenationdomains.com for $25. Once you own the name, you must pay to renew it every year for the same price.

Besides the hosting and the domain name is there any other costs of a website?

No. If it is already built. If you need it built, you need to hire a designer. Website prices range depending upon what you want (shopping carts, credit card, marketing etc.) SimpleNation charges per package. Beyond our packages we charge hourly.